Zeenuh staff application

1. How long have you been with OtterCraft?

2 years

2. How old are you? Do you have any experience in moderating a server?

i’m 20. i have not moderated a server but i am a moderator on twitch.

3. Why would you like to be staff?

sometimes when i’m on there are no staff on when there needs to be someone there and when there are staff online they are afk and i want to greet and guide new players so they can be the best player they possibly can be on the server!!

4. What would you do if users started spamming the chat?

i would give them a verbal warning then a short mute (5 min) and if they continue a long mute.

5. Someone was exploiting a bug on the server, what would you do?

i will give them warning and let the other staff know in case another player abuses the bug as well.

6. Your friend, best friend, sibling or any family member joined the server and started breaking the rules, what would you do?

i would treat them the same way i would treat any other player.

7. In the event that you are accused of picking “favorites” on the server, how would you respond to that?

if someone truly felt that i was picking favorites i’d would retire, because everyone has a bit of favoritism in almost everything they do so i would want to know what lead up to me being confronted about having favorites so i can be a better person. i don’t want others to feel like they have suck up to someone and feel uncomfortable playing on the server.

8. How have you responded to criticism in the past?

id say i responded well to it. we had a good and mature conversation about it and it ended with us both seeing there was a lack of communication between us.

9. Is there anything you’d like to see OtterCraft do in the future that we are not currently doing?

the player shops need a redesign! the current design is too confusing and hard to navigate. the older design from 2020 was probably the best and most cohesive design ever. it was simple and easy to get in and out of. another thing with the shops is that they are kinda full of shops with nothing to sell. one of the shops right now has a piece of wood with a lever on it nothing to buy or sell just wood and a lever.

10. Lastly do you have any skills or strengths you’d like to point out in particular?

i have a lot of knowledge on minecraft and know how to use a lot of the vanilla commands and if needed im not scared to vc if needed. i’ve been around for a while so i know how resets work and how to handle things of that sort.