Wonton's Staff Application

1. How long have you been with OtterCraft?

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I joined OtterCraft back in 2018, almost 5 years ago now, but then I couldn’t play for a while because of University and having to focus on that and life.

2. How old are you? Do you have any experience in moderating a server?

I am 21, and I have experience moderating Garry’s Mod Servers, and a few minor Minecraft servers

3. Why would you like to be staff?

I have been around since 2018, I figure it’s time I start and do something for the community I have lounged around in for so long.

4. What would you do if users started spamming the chat?

I would ask them to please stop spamming the chat, and if it continued I would warn them and tell them they must stop spamming the chat now, and if they refused I would either seek a higher staff member or temporarily kick them from the server.

5. Someone was exploiting a bug on the server, what would you do?

Record the evidence to prove that they are exploiting, report it to a higher staff member and warn them and kick them from the server and see what the higher-ups would like done.

6. Your friend, best friend, sibling or any family member joined the server and started breaking the rules, what would you do?

I’d probably give them a good smack in real life, but I would not hold restraint against them and report it to another staff member to deal with to prevent any chances of nepotism or favouritism.

7. In the event that you are accused of picking “favourites” on the server, how would you respond to that?

I would respond calmly with “Why do you feel this way?” or “What causes you to think this?” and see from there and use it as an opportunity to seek improvement.

8. How have you responded to criticism in the past?

I usually respond to non-constructive criticism with some sort of comedic response, but with constructive criticism I find, I am often able to apply it quite well.

9. Is there anything you’d like to see OtterCraft do in the future that we are not currently doing?

Maybe a Modded Server could be cool for OtterCraft, although they can be disastrous and expensive to run and establish.

10. Lastly do you have any skills or strengths you’d like to point out in particular?

I am somewhat proficient in Javascript, I have a Career-Certificate in Community Support Work, Certified Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, and 17,000 Hours recorded gaming