[tedino] Got Perm Bam because i did wrong

I got Perm Banned for theft x-ray and fly.
I confess i did that …but i regreet it very much… all ppl was nice and helped me and even the staff. i dont wanna steal again or anything again.
I really hopes i get a second chance . i promise i dont do that again anyway.
But i do respect anyway your decision, sorry for bad grammar. i am from sweden.

Hi, We as moderation team are discussing this and will get back to you soon.

wow this seems like a tough case to deal with… Good thing i am not in the moderation team :smiley: Though to be honest Should tedino really get a chance back in after doing 3 illegal things? This is just my opinion and all members of otter who know me should know i have my opinions as do you all too. So do not get angry at this or anything… Thanks

i am not angry at all. thats why i wrote that i am gonna respect all ur wish and decission . but i wish i could have a second chance and help all of u with hous4ebuilding and so on. i can use own tools and materials for the houses. but as mystical said maybe i am not welcome anymore…thanks anyway letting me be on server…

The other staff were discussing the length of your ban, not sure why mythical commented on here. But his opinion doesn’t reflect on the rest of the server.

Ty ffor quick response. take ur time… i know i did wrong… Bad karma → instantkarma…

We have come to a decision on your ban, We will make this a temp ban of 10 days from today and you may come back, however your balance and inventory will be reset. And if you hack on the server you will be re-banned and will have to wait for the next reset to be unbanned.