Please unban me, Im sorry for everything I did

1. Discord ign:

IGN here NitoGamer

2. How long was your ban:

state length of ban here pemanent ban

3. When were you banned:

state date here 2023-07-19

4. Who was the moderator that banned you:

State their name here SinderellaDeVita

5. What Server where you banned from:

(Survival, Skyblock, Creative) Survival

6. Do you think your ban was reasonable:


7. Why were you banned:

Reason you were banned here X-ray

8. Why do you think you should be unbanned:

short essay on why you think you should be unbanned here I dont really know,I am a kid
but I want to have a restart on the server .I will not use more x-ray, I promess and if I use you can ban me. But please unban me .Im sorry for every thing I did .