My ban on ottercraft

1. Discord ign:


2. How long was your ban:

till next season apparently

3. When were you banned:

I do not know

4. Who was the moderator that banned you:

I’m gonna take 3 stabs here, Possibly AJ, Could be AJ, Must be AJ.

5. What Server where you banned from:


6. Do you think your ban was reasonable:


7. Why were you banned:

That the thing no reasoning was given or anything, I did nothing wrong and to be honest I was off dealing with other drama for a few months so never knew till now

8. Why do you think you should be unbanned:

Well let us see, 1. I work hard to try keep the community feeling up and energetic by being on like 24/7 and since I no longer have school I am bored out of my mind all the time doing nothing, 2. I mean I was pretty much minding my business, I think I was working for Silverse and this stuff happened, and 3. I wanna see everyone again… Never in my life have I felt as lonely as I have these past couple months, hell I’d take being imprisoned with Sin_full if it meant not being alone anymore, I’m just at that point yk.

Anyway hope you read this soon, ta ta for now