May Oh May I Please Audition For Builder One A Spot Mayeth Open

1. Age:


2. Timezone:


3. Current Activity:


4. Why do you want to be a builder?

Because I Love Building Things, Its So Fun To Spend Time Making Something That Looks Cool

5. Have you ever been on a build team before?

I Have Indeed, On Past Servers I Have Made That Include A Few Members Of The Server I Have Been On A Build Team And Built Things. If You Want Proof And What Not Ask Mr_Elemental

6. What can you bring to the team?

Pirate, Futuristic, Evil, Musical, Sky, Somewhat Sea, And I Can Do Some Pretty Epic Villages And Forests

7. Do you work well with others?

Yes… Yes I Do

8. What is you main styles of building? (i.e Cottage Core, Medieval, Modern, Natural)


9. Do you know how to use world edit?


10. Show us at least 3 examples of your recent work

1 The Planet Is Still A Work In Progress But I Hope The Images Load :smiley:

They Did Phew I’m Glad About Those Images Loading