I would like to be unbanned

1. Discord ign:

Is this where I put my discord? Serbian-Empire#9425

2. How long was your ban:


3. When were you banned:

2022, 6, 22

4. Who was the moderator that banned you:


5. What Server where you banned from:


6. Do you think your ban was reasonable:


7. Why were you banned:


8. Why do you think you should be unbanned:

I really enjoy the game and I don’t want people taking my things. I would really appreciate if you would unban me. Thanks. I don’t know if you need my username. If you do you can email me at BoredPananda@gmai.com


Hi Serbian-Empire

In order for us to look into this we will need you to provide us with your in-game name.

Hello ThatGuyAJ

The username is “BuffToyBonnie.”