Got banned for xray? clippy_lol

1. Discord ign:

IGN here clippyy is my discord a ClippyyGotchu in my mc

2. How long was your ban:

state length of ban here permanent??

3. When were you banned:

state date here 2023/8/10

4. Who was the moderator that banned you:

State their name here ThatGuy AJ

5. What Server where you banned from:

(Survival, Skyblock, Creative) survival

6. Do you think your ban was reasonable:

(YES OR NO) maybe

7. Why were you banned:

Reason you were banned here xray?!

8. Why do you think you should be unbanned:

short essay on why you think you should be unbanned here bruh, I wasnt xraying I was using f3 pie charts to find a specific cave structure with more common diamonds. I understand it looks like xry the way I look around but please tell me if I can’t use these charts lol. I love this server and really want to be apart of it, all the members are great and I would love to come back.