Elemental's Staff aplication

1. How long have you been with OtterCraft?

I feel like it was November of 2021 when I first joined I left on my old discord account May 3rd of 2022

2. How old are you? Do you have any experience in moderating a server?

I am 19 years old. I have had a lot of experience of moderating discord servers more times to count if I am being honest.

3. Why would you like to be staff?

Going off of the Scout Law which has 12 points in it one of the points is a Scout is helpful. I know I have a lot to learn and I always want to help give back to my community whenever I can.

4. What would you do if users started spamming the chat?

It depends where it is they are spamming if the person is spamming in the discord spam area that is alright with the acceptation that they are not causing a lot of problems to others. If the person is spamming in the server however giving them a warning would be best. From there if they continue muting them for a amount of time then if it is to the point of cussing while spamming banning. It all depends on if they are following the rules.

5. Someone was exploiting a bug on the server, what would you do?

If it is a bug that can be fixed I would let the admins know right away some bugs happen because of plugins. If they are abusing it however I feel that maybe a temp ban could be helpful. It depends on how big of the exploit it is because if it causes duplication of items then it should be solved right away.

6. Your friend, best friend, sibling or any family member joined the server and started breaking the rules, what would you do?

I would start off by telling them to stop I would treat them like everyone else sure they maybe someone close but at the same time they don’t get free passes if it comes down to it then they are getting in trouble.

7. In the event that you are accused of picking “favorites” on the server, how would you respond to that?

It all depends on what it is because I may like someone’s build style more than someone else but no matter the case I would give reason for why I pick what I pick.

8. How have you responded to criticism in the past?

At times I may just step away from my devices and meditate if the criticism is online. Gaming is a way I calm down if someone makes me upset by giving me harsh criticism. Other times I just take some breaths and continue on with what I was doing.

9. Is there anything you’d like to see OtterCraft do in the future that we are not currently doing?

To be honest from everything I seen from both servers discord and minecraft server I am blown away so many wonderful people with so many great ideas. I was looking a bit at the past chat and there was a lot that was real fun to read.

10. Lastly do you have any skills or strengths you’d like to point out in particular?

I am someone who always listens sometimes I put myself before other people. I try my best to help out and be there when someone needs me.

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