CloudyGreySkies Builder Application

1. Age:


2. Timezone:


3. Current Activity:

I am building a large tropical island around the size of the current spawn island, I am doing a room renovation in my house, and also working on homeschool.

4. Why do you want to be a builder?

I want to be a builder because I want to learn from people who are better than I am, and to expand my knowledge and imagination, because worldbuilding is my preferred hobby, and I seek to excite people when they see what I’ve made.

5. Have you ever been on a build team before?

Not on an official server, but i have worked with other skilled builders before,

6. What can you bring to the team?

I can bring my terraforming talent and eye for detail, I love adding texture to builds and creating little secrets for people to find, my aim is to entertain with my Builds, and add a sense of immersion to the world.

7. Do you work well with others?

Yes, I play team sports and have been the captain for my High school volleyball team, and i have participated in building projects with other friends on separate servers.

8. What is you main styles of building? (i.e. Cottage Core, Medieval, Modern, Natural)

I prefer to build using natural materials, and the style I do is Cottage Core, medieval, industrial, and builds that look ancient and mystical, But my true talent is in terraforming the land around these builds.

9. Do you know how to use world edit?

Only partially, but I am trying to teach myself with YouTube.

10. Show us at least 3 examples of your recent work

(in the second to last and last image, the farm and the cliff have been completely terraformed by me, and is not part of the original land.

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