[Silverse] Can I become a builder

1. Age:


2. Timezone:

Central Daylight Time

3. Current Activity:

Currently I’m on very often. However, as school starts I might be on only 2 hours a day or smthn.

4. Have you ever been on a build team before?


5. What can you bring to the team?

I can help build events, contests, or even big projects like a new spawn.

6. What is you main styles of building? (i.e Cottage Core, Medieval, Modern, Natural)

Cottage Core, Medieval, some modern.

7. Do you know how to use world edit?


8. Show us at least 3 examples of your recent work

screenshots here if image is too big upload it to imgur and attach link

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Idk how to edit but here are some more photos.

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Silverse For Builder!