How to write the correct formatted appeal - For beginners and forgetters

Hello everyone. If you’re reading this, then see me as your lawyer who will prove your innocence! But before we get to that, then we need to fill out some boring paper work.

Find the paperwork here:

Then shamelessly copy all that goodie goodie stuff so the big lawyer boys can see you’re still interested in the community.

Now we go back to the page we were at before and press “create topic”.

Now go ahead and type in the needed information shown in the picture below. Swap “x-ray” with what ever reason you were banned for. It helps you and I in the end.

This is how it should look when you’re done.

Remember to press “Create a new topic” or all this glorious paperwork will have been in vein!
A staff member should review it before long (Maximum 48 hours).