Builder aplication

1. Age:


2. Timezone:

cest (centrel europian time zone

3. Current Activity:

almost daily an couple times an week

4. Have you ever been on a build team before?

ino but i builded an lot giant buildings offline in creative mode also giant muschroom shaped tnt structrures but lets not get into that i mean i could not use that safe anymore but lets just not do that on the server but i builded an lot of large normal structures and keep building online adding to our existing house

5. What can you bring to the team?

an exited and bussy bee of building in creative mode i can build large and exiting buildings and im verry helpfull and eager to leurn oh and an social bee as wel aside frome the fact that im an wolf ofcourse and not an bee

6. What is you main styles of building? (i.e Cottage Core, Medieval, Modern, Natural)

depends on my mood realy as long as my imagination can reach it and thats an lot

7. Do you know how to use world edit?

nope unfornatly not

8. Show us at least 3 examples of your recent work

screenshots of builded underground tree farm
screenshots of botum half created spider death pit farm
screenshots of extended 2 rows melon and pumkins garden
screenshots of wooden hous i finished wich like the top half of the death pit roxiefow23 started and i finished and screenshots of my room i dig larger and put 2 automatic farms in the rest of the giant strusctures were oon mobile wich i dont have the save files of anymore

unfornatly could only uploud 5 files so not everything is shown from all sides